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It appears to me that I have not been shy about proclaiming my love for the many Hermes products that I endorse on this site. Today, however, I think that I may want to mix it up a little. Instead of shouting from the roof tops as loud as I can about a certain Hermes something or other item that I have to have (and believe me, it’s hard not to), I’m going to tell you about an Hermes wallet (or is it a clutch?) that I am not too fond of at all, the Hermes Jige.

Now, I’m aware that it might not be a good idea to trash an item that is carried by a designer brand that I am constantly praising. However, I think that it would be a good idea to throw in my two cents about a product that I’m not completely thrilled with every now and again. I do admit that the Hermes Jige does have one good quality – and that is the fact that it is an Hermes piece. It is probably the lack of hardware that makes me feel as if it just doesn’t measure up to the other Hermes bags and accessories. It’s just such a plain piece of designer leather.

Anyway, in my opinion, if I were looking to spend so much money on an Hermes wallet (Is it a clutch? It seems too plain to be a clutch!), I would go for the Hermes Dogon, but I guess that’s just me. And even if I was saving money and opting for an Hermes replica wallet, I would still rather a more detailed piece than the plain Hermes Jige.

How do you feel about the Hermes Jige? Do you agree or disagree? Comment below so we can talk about it!

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